Who we are:

  • YongAn fire safety is located in the center of Anhui province, China, established in 2004, followed by expansion over the years. Long operating life and incomparable quality are characteristics of every fire truck we make. We do this by continuously improving quality by investing in production, our personnel, and our systems.

  • With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, YongAn Fire Safety is the leader in firefighting trucks design and manufacture. YongAn Fire Safety is best known for a design process that integrates customers’ input as part of a truck Custom designed to fit whatever your specific body and water flow capabilities might be. Storage space for your tools and exact equipment needs and full-on multi-purpose ability. Optimized for the right equipment, crew, and ultimate accessibility and storage.

What we do:

Our main products include:

  • large water tank fire trucks from 2000liters to 16000liters as standard with larger options available,
  • 4*4  brush fire trucks equipped with bumper, site lighting, winch, water spraying system, and a full set of fire equipment
  • Multi-purpose rescue fire vehicles
  • custom equipment storage system
  • professional solution for custom design of fire trucks.
  • Double-row crew cabin design
  • Aluminum roller shutter door, fire device carrier, rescue ladder,

What we serve:

Value added service:
YongAn always attach great importance to service at each stage to ensure the continuous, stable operation of our trucks to achieve their maximum utilization and productivity. Combined with our technical support, standard service and value-added service are offered to cater to your needed,including
1.Pre-delivery inspection, receiving inspection, delivery inspection and on -call service.
2.Providing proper project plan if needed.
3.Workshop overhauling

Training support:
Training is another basic element of YongAn service. In order to ensure customers fully understand our products and relevant know-how to operate the fire truck. YongAn offers range of training support.  Participating in training can help you learn better how to operate the fire truck properly, effectively and safety.