This forest fire truck is designed for extinguishing fires in forests and bush landscapes, and terrain that is difficult to access. Components like an extinguishing tank, pump system as well as winch, and lighting system with corresponding equipment are built on a single-tire, very all-terrain, all-wheel chassis body. 

Compact truck body:

The light and space-saving compact construction of the body frame makes it possible to produce a torsion-resistant large structure from a load-bearing shell with a low material thickness. Well-equipped technological concepts enable the combination of high performance and small dimensions, and low weight.

The crew cab:

The original chassis cabin was integrated and developed into a double twin cabin, and this allows to provide plenty of space and safety in there. SCBA holders were installed both in and against the direction of travel. 3 point safety belts are mounted on each seat. Thus totally it provide accommodation of 1+5 person( including 1 driver)


better visibility surrounding the body:

The vehicle-mounted telescopic mast light, which is moved, is mounted on the roof, A simple operating system using wired, wireless free, and 485 communication control mode for the user to switch between scene lighting and point light.

The new generation, with the high performance of illuminate and flashlights, brings light to the scene site.

vehicle-mounted winch:

the competition and higher quality gearing and electronics, the T-Series vehicle-mounted winch can connect via 24v supply. This premium off-road winch is well protected with IP67 water resistance, heavy-duty, reliable construction, a 500A sealed contactor, and a 3-stage planetary gear for added grunt.


Electric fire hose reel: it is capable of continuous operation, driven by a DC24v motor, and can be used manually in an emergency. the flow rate of the nozzle reaches 300L/min, the length of the fire hose can be variable chosen from 30M to 50M.






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