The rescue vehicle is a multi-functional operation vehicle in cities, integrated with the function of the illuminating system, traction system, crane system, and equipment of emergency rescue, which is the first choice of fire fighting for buildings such as residential buildings, shopping malls, and rescue for public securi­ty including urban traffic accidents, personal dangers.

Equipment storage configuration:

We designed extruded pullout adjustable trays, slide-out trays, tool boards, and custom equipment storage racks to carry all kinds of fire equipment. Various storage compartment cabinet configurations, seating options, and galley equipment. Increase fire scene capabilities with extensive mobile fire equipment, tools, and light support. Storage capacity and configuration flexibility are optimal to meet the demands of this specialized unit.

Compact truck body:

YongAn manufactures this rescue fire truck according to the need of the customer, The equipment in the rescue vehicles is stored in a safe and orderly manner in the continuous full-height compartments provided. roll shutter doors close the equipment compartments quickly and easily, which enables the firemen to get the equipment quickly; the foldable steps allow all the equipment to be easily reached from the ground. 

Continuous lighting:

the power of the telescopic LED light tower is 2kw, which can be raised to 3 Mete high from the ground and provide continuous lighting within a radius of 50M. the configuration of the 5.6kw engine generator imported from Japan original is equipped.

Anti-slip technology:

To create a non-slip surface on the roof, a new technology of anti-slip floor paint is adopted. these specialist coatings help form an anti-slip layer on the roof, making it safe when firefighters walk on it.






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