mode                                    PW40L                                         

chassis                                  ISUZU, QL1100A8LAY                  

 gross vehicle weight            10000kgs                                    

 horsepower                          141KW                                         

 wheelbase                            4175mm                                       

 crew cab                                2+3                                              

pump capacity                       30L/S ( 1800LPM)                        

tank capacity                         water 4000L                                  

reaching range                       water≥ 55m                                 

main feature

  • ISUZU Chassis, which is portable flexible and good mobility
  • Double-row cab, equipped with 3 SCBA seats which can carry more passengers
  • In addition to fire-fighting, it can carry various rescue equipment for investigation, live-saving and demolition.
  • The whole tank body adopts 304 stainless steel with strong anti-corrosion capability
  • Linkage operation, the vehicle can pump water while it is moving, so as to enhance the efficiency of fire extinguishment